What is Sterling Silver, Fine Silver and Silver Plating?

Some of our jewellery selections are made of 925 Sterling Silver and plated with White Gold. You may be wondering, so what? It’s just Silver, what’s the difference?

Well, there are differences, and these differences partly explains there are  S925’ (typically stands for 925 Sterling Silver, but more on that in the future) jewellery that ranges from $5 per to $95 per piece.

Pure Silver (Fine Silver):

Pure silver or fine silver has a silver content of 99.9 percent. Sure, sometimes more is better, but not for the case of jewellery.

Pure silver is too soft to be used in jewellery, and often mixed with other metals to make it harder. If your jewellery was made of pure silver, it would be easily damaged. Gems held by the silver may drop out within a short period of time.

*Quick fact: Objects made of fine silver would be stamped with a mark of 999 or 99.9.

Sterling Silver Jewellery:

Sterling Silver is commonly used in Jewellery such as earrings, pendants, rings and bracelets. It has a high percentage of silver and is mixed with other metals to improve its hardness.

Note that Sterling Silver sold in different parts of the world has different standards. In the United States, Sterling Silver consists of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals (often copper, but sometimes zinc)

925 Sterling Silver Plating:

Some jewellery pieces are simply plated with 925 sterling silver, which is a whole lot different than 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery. These jewelleries that are plated with 925 sterling silver tend to consist of less costly metals such as copper and nickel.

These materials tend to wear out very fast or otherwise show oxidation stains. Sterling silver is not the best plating for other metals as it will tarnish and may require frequent maintenance.

When oxidised, the base metal would lose the plating, and this happens within a short period. For this reason, it's frequently lacquered to prevent or slow tarnish.

What kind of jewellery is available on Chamber Auction?

We are aware that many consumers require different grades of jewellery for different occasions.

Our 925 Sterling Silver jewellery that is plated with White Gold (used to contain Nickel, but Palladium is more widely used now) is less likely to react to users’ skin, hurray!

For consumers who prefer Silver Plated jewellery, we have a range of jewellery that is plated with Sterling Silver and Lacquered to ensure longer durability, copper and nickel are used as base metals.

Our pricing reflects the quality and material of each individual product, and we are upfront about the composition of our jewellery. Products listed on chamberauction.live are all listed with their product dimensions and specifications.

For any queries, reach out to us directly on Facebook via this link: http://m.me/chamberauction

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