The Golden Mask

Okay, okay, despite the title, we’re not writing about a fascinating crime story or fiction. It’s more of a history lesson in this article.

As many of you will know, Gold is regarded as one of the most precious metals. In the more distant past, royalty such as Kings and Queens who wanted to show off their wealth and power adorned much gold on themselves.

However, many gold items did not contain a large proportion of gold. Rather, items were gold plated when craftsmen did not want to use too much gold.

An item which they wanted to use to display their wealth, but would require too much gold, was simply overlaid with gold or plated with gold.

An example will be events such as races. If it was an Olympic race, the winner gets a gold trophy, but what if a school wanted to give trophies for a race?

Will the school use solid gold medals? No, of course not. They will source for cheaper alternatives such as gold-plated medals.

Not many can afford valuable gold jewellery for our loved ones, so we use gold plated jewellery as gifts.

Quite recently, one of our customers who happens to be a friend of ours, gave such a gift to her mother.

Her mother was so happy after receiving the gift… it did not matter to her whether the gift was a gold-plated jewel or one of solid gold. The jewellery to the mother was the most precious present from her daughter. As the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts.

At Chamber Auction we make jewellery affordable, and our prices are reasonable as a result of our business model that benefits from technology and being an online store.

We have jewellery pieces that are made up of more affordable gold-plated materials. Sometimes, we call them metals with “The Golden Mask”.

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