Stuck with expensive jewellery that you no longer wear? Consider going for variety and lower price-tags.

Although we agree that you get what you pay for when purchasing jewellery, we also recommend that you consider going for variety and lower priced jewellery. Depending on the occasion, sometimes a different range of jewellery has its uses.

We all have a wardrobe full of clothes. Sometimes I myself need to clear my cupboard of some clothes that I haven’t worn for ages, giving them to some charity organisations etc.

It is quite frequent for us to change our selection of clothes, shoes and accessories. They get worn out, damaged or stained at one point, so we must get rid of them.

Now, can we say the same for jewellery? Do you have jewellery in your drawer that have rusted or look dull now?

Do you keep them around because they were expensive (even though you have no idea how to restore them to their shiny new appearance)?

Even expensive jewellery will wear out over time. Diamonds last for very long but it does not really last forever.

Why does jewellery have to be so expensive? So expensive that we are often forced to keep them even when we no longer want to wear them.

Is there an alternative?

Our advice is to consider going for a wider variety of jewellery with lower price tags. Consider alternative types of gemstones such as Cubic Zirconia (CZ) or Moissanite.

In terms of jewellery metals, 925 Sterling Silver, Silver Plating, Gold, Gold Plating and Stainless Steel are all priced differently as well.

At Chamber Auction, our jewellery selection is beautiful, and we provide variety in terms of materials and price tags.

They glitter and shine under a light like diamonds and gold. The materials we use varies from the more affordable Stainless Steel and Gold-Plated jewellery, to more valuable materials such as 925 Sterling Silver.

These materials shine like Diamonds and 24K Gold that many of us want. Yet, they sell for a much more reasonable price, and will suit daily use and casual parties.

At Chamber Auction, we handpick new designs and bring them to you (on your mobile phones and desktops) every month. Follow us on our Instagram account for the latest products. If you prefer to interact with us, follow our Facebook Live videos!

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