Choosing the right earrings for your face shape

Being in the jewellery fashion industry, we can’t help but hear that some jewellery is suitable for certain people. One of the most commonly heard is the type of earring that goes well with certain face shapes.

Below are a few insights regarding face shapes and the type of earrings that may suit them better.

oval face

Oval – If this is your face shape, you are so lucky. While all earring types suit you, some of the better earrings to compliment your face shape would be teardrops and ovals.

Round – This face shape requires long dangling and drop earrings as they work very well to elongate your face shape. Hoops are not be recommended.

sq face
round face

Round – This face shape requires long dangling and drop earrings. These earrings work very well to elongate your face shape. Hoops would not be recommended.

Heart – Due to the fact that your chin is sharp, it would be appropriate to wear earrings that balance the triangular shape of your face. In this case, try wearing earrings that are wider at the bottom, such as Teardrops shaped earrings.

Diamond – Large earrings work best with this face shape. Earrings that are wider, shiny and can swing are also good.

Narrow – Large earrings can be used to fill up the volume that your face does not have. Otherwise short dangling earrings can be used to draw attention more to your face.

heart face

All face shapes, for the simple and casual look, can go along with studs.

Although this is one of the many things that fashion styles currently recommends, what matters most is that you are comfortable with your earrings.

Try out the earrings and look in the mirror to see if it looks good on you. Of course, your friends might say it doesn’t look nice on you, but there’s no correct answer when it comes to fashion styles. It’s all trial and error, and perception at play.

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